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The Palm is Nashville’s choice for the power lunch . The question is ‘How’s the burger" ?

The Palm has several choices on the menu and they refer to it as a steak-burger . My selection was the 837 burger . Sesame seed bun buttered and toasted . Protein was U.S.D.A. prime . Size was

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This week’s Nashville cheeseburger review takes us to downtown Nashville . Brandon’s has been a downtown lunch spot for years . I always enjoy eating there for lunch so it was time for a formal review . I cozied up to the bar when Jeff came by to get my order . For some

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I have been remiss on keeping up with my weekly cheeseburger quest. Stuff like murder trials and other duties just got in the way. When I first started this wacky food adventure , I had two burger joints in mind that was going to win hands down . First was Brown’s Diner which was solid.

Piranha's Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon


I am taking a break in preparing for a murder trial so I thought I would post my most recent Nashville cheeseburger review. For this review , I stayed close to my office on Second Avenue in Nashville and visited one of my favorite lunch spots Piranha’s . Piranha’s claim to fame is it

Edgefield Sports Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Edgefield Sports Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon



This week’s search for Nashville’s best cheeseburger takes us back to East Nashville for a review of Edgefield’s Sports Bar and Grill. I have been eating at Edgefield for years .It is home to some members of the Nashville courthouse crowd. One major reason is it is 21 and up so smoke them

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Since 1947 Dino’s has been serving cold beer to those in East Nashville . They also serve up a mean cheeseburger.That’s what took the Nashville Criminal Law Report to Gallatin Road for it’s weekly cheeseburger review.

The bun frames the burger.Nothing special about the bun at Dino’s.I have discovered that I personally like

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Attorney Joshua Brand suggested I try Gabby’s for a cheeseburger in my search for Nashville’s best cheeseburger.Gabby’s is located at 493 Humphreys Street in Nashville,Tn.It brought back great memories because it is in the former Hap Townes site.I could remember the stewed raisins once I entered the doors.On to the burgers.


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As I start week four on the quest to find Nashville’s best cheeseburger , I got my inspiration from a feature from The Nashville Tennessean. I read an article from the paper and  had court in General Sessions Court in Franklin,Tn. So I thought I would stop in for a burger.The bar had a nice

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The third installment of my search for Nashville’s best cheeseburger took me to the "International Famous’ Twin Kegs. I met owner Todd Rossbach who gave me a little history about the place.It became Twin Kegs in 1974.It has been one of Nashville’s best dive bar since the name change.

On to the burgers, I