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I am taking a break in preparing for a murder trial so I thought I would post my most recent Nashville cheeseburger review. For this review , I stayed close to my office on Second Avenue in Nashville and visited one of my favorite lunch spots Piranha’s . Piranha’s claim to fame is it ‘s take on a Pittsburgh favorite a Primanti Brothers sandwich . The Primanti Brothers created a sandwich for truck drivers in 1933 so that the whole meal would be on a sandwich so the truck drivers could eat and drive. Visit  Piranha’s for that sandwich alone.

As I sat down to the bar , Kirk Evans came over and suggested I try the special cheeseburger Piranha’s style rather than the basic burger . I again changed course on the burger review and ordered the special.

First , the bun was a corn duster . It appeared to have a little corn meal on the outside . Buttered and grilled made a nice touch . Eight ounces of fresh Angus beef . Question ? Why is Angus considered the gold standard of beef ? It was served Primanti style with sweet and sour Cole slaw , provolone cheese  , and fresh hand cut french fries all smashed together . I added a fried egg on top for  a little extra goodness. It was so big I couldn’t get my mouth wide enough .

Great burger and great vibe makes Piranha ‘s one of downtown Nashville’s best  places to stop and visit .

Four out of five stars are given to Piranha’s .