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Attorney Joshua Brand suggested I try Gabby’s for a cheeseburger in my search for Nashville’s best cheeseburger.Gabby’s is located at 493 Humphreys Street in Nashville,Tn.It brought back great memories because it is in the former Hap Townes site.I could remember the stewed raisins once I entered the doors.On to the burgers.

I walked in and went to counter and ordered the standard cheeseburger.I asked for it the standard way they serve it..First , the bun is made by  Chapiers bakery.You can order it white or whole wheat which is a plus.It came with green leaf lettuce , chopped onion , tomato , pickle..Here is the problem.I didn’t order it the way I liked it but they way they would serve it.The toppings were mustard , mayo , and ketchup.The condiments were way too much and took over the burger. I need to learn on my search to either take the burger as is or customize it to my tastes.My current plan may create some confusion in the tasting process due to my  personal likes and dislikes.

The burger was five ounces of grass fed beef. According to the take out menu grass feed beef is 100 calories less than regular hamburger..There is no hormones or antibiotics.i spoke with the gentleman who ran the counter who I think was the owner who  went to great lengths as to why they went with grass fed beef.I couldn’t taste a difference between grass fed or regular beef.So I vote for health over fat.

The fries were great.I got a special treat by getting a couple of fried sweet potatoes as a bonus for asking a bunch of questions.Gabby’s is a must for a burger and the sweet potato fries.The vibe is an old school hamburger counter from times  gone by.

Solid burger and I enjoyed my visit and the conversation.

Four out of five stars