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Since 1947 Dino’s has been serving cold beer to those in East Nashville . They also serve up a mean cheeseburger.That’s what took the Nashville Criminal Law Report to Gallatin Road for it’s weekly cheeseburger review.

The bun frames the burger.Nothing special about the bun at Dino’s.I have discovered that I personally like the bun grilled or toasted for an extra flavor level.The beef is fresh daily with a 90% beef and 10% fat ratio.The burger is one-half pound of beef.Once you bite into the cheeseburger  juices flow onto the plate.Cooked medium to  perfection by owner Rick Wildevoor.Served with the traditional fixings of tomato , pickle, a little onion , ketchup and mustard.I skipped the ketchup since I don’t believe a proper cheeseburger should have ketchup.American cheese made it complete but it was not  melted. enough for my taste.Also , I like a whole slice of onion rather than a couple of pieces.That’s just me.A draft served in a mason jar made it complete.I had lunch on a snow day so it was okay.

Dino’s cheeseburger reminded me of a burger I cook in the backyard. It was thick and juicy but fell apart while you were eating it just like my house.

Vibe was dive bar classic as evidenced by the picture. The first time I went there somebody that went with me told me she always wanted to go there but  wasn’t sure about.She even lives in East Nashville. Dino’s is a must stop on your Nashville cheeseburger quest.

Four out of five stars.