Palm on Urbanspoon

The Palm is Nashville’s choice for the power lunch . The question is ‘How’s the burger" ?

The Palm has several choices on the menu and they refer to it as a steak-burger . My selection was the 837 burger . Sesame seed bun buttered and toasted . Protein was U.S.D.A. prime . Size was a whopping 12oz. I think the server got my order wrong because the burger was cooked to well done . I like my burger medium. It was dressed with roasted  red peppers , prosciutto , romaine lettuce , two meager rings of red onion .Side note , I like more onion that just a ring . Fontina cheese and pesto aioli topped it off.

Burger was overcooked . I liked the different garnishments , but because the burger was overcooked . It took away from the overall taste . One think I did like was the pesto and the fontina cheese . Price was fourteen bucks . I could of had 3 Twin Kegs burgers .

Service was perfect . Every time I sipped my tea , it was refilled . White table cloth and the service made it a perfect lunch spot for that business meeting or just for a lunch time escape .The setting was better than the hamburger.

Three out of five stars.