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The third installment of my search for Nashville’s best cheeseburger took me to the "International Famous’ Twin Kegs. I met owner Todd Rossbach who gave me a little history about the place.It became Twin Kegs in 1974.It has been one of Nashville’s best dive bar since the name change.

On to the burgers, I had a regular cheeseburger.It was served on a 4 inch bun and it held 6 ounces of fresh ground beef .Twin Kegs gets their hamburger daily from Osborne’s Grocery Store on Nolensville Road.The bun was lightly toasted on the flat top grill which gave it a little crunch.One slice of American cheese and a slice of Swiss made a great cheese taste without overwhelming the beef.If you really hungry try the Big Bad Burger.served on a 8 inch bun 12 ounces of beef and bacon.

I really liked the grilled bun.It make a nice layer of flavor and texture to the burger.Also, Todd mixes up his own seasoning for the hamburgers.He wouldn’t tell me what it contained , but he did tell me it had a little cayenne pepper for a little Cajun spice.I couldn’t really taste any heat in the seasoning.

The vibe was dive bar classic.The long shuffleboard table completes the bar scene.

Five stars out of five is my rating.

One last thing.A friend of mine of reads the blog for criminal law information asked me why I was writing about cheeseburgers in a criminal defense law blog.It’s boring writing about the law everyday and it’s fun finding Nashville’s best cheeseburger.On to the next cheeseburger next week.