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As I start week four on the quest to find Nashville’s best cheeseburger , I got my inspiration from a feature from The Nashville Tennessean. I read an article from the paper and  had court in General Sessions Court in Franklin,Tn. So I thought I would stop in for a burger.The bar had a nice feel, decorated well, and I felt at home.I plopped down to the bar.Asked the waitress what the best burger was and ordered.Mistake was mine.This was a deviation from the best burger search because I ordered a specialty burger.

Melrose Pub gets their beef from a local supplier .it’s beef is free from hormones and other bad stuff . After, I ordered I saw all the great fare heading to the tables from my perch on the bar.My mistake was ordering the bleu cheeseburger.Four great main ingredients ,bacon , beef , onions, and bleu cheese combined to make a poor burger.A heavy hand with the bleu cheese crumbles overpowered the rest on the flavors.Taste was all bleu cheese until the last few bites.Bacon cooked perfect.Red onions provided a little vegetable.Beef looked great.Combined..Overwhelming.The bun was steamed from something which lost the taste of the toasted bun.

I am going to give the Melrose Pub another review in the coming weeks just on the cheeseburger.I did learn something.Specialty burgers are not what they might be advertised.You read about the great flavors and anticipate them.However, balance is the key.

I give the bleu cheeseburger at Melrose Pub 1 out of 5 stars.Now if you love the taste of bleu cheese give it a try.

Next week , I hope to have a dining companion who   has asked to join me in my quest. Hint.He is a writer who I hope will improve my poor review writing style.I just hope he can put up with my court schedule.Till next week.If you want to suggest any burger joints, please post them in the comment section of the blog.