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This week’s Nashville cheeseburger review takes us to downtown Nashville . Brandon’s has been a downtown lunch spot for years . I always enjoy eating there for lunch so it was time for a formal review . I cozied up to the bar when Jeff came by to get my order . For some reason , I always enjoy the bar when I am eating alone .

The burger came with a option of white or whole wheat . Since  I am trying to avoid white bread , it was a welcome option .Toasted , There are several different cheese choices and hot pepper cheese it was . Fresh 90/10 Angus beef was the protein for the burger in a 5 oz. patty. Mustard , mayo , iceberg lettuce , pickle , and tomato were the dressing . One drawback was the onions were diced . I prefer a whole slice of onion to drape the burger Also , I like the onion raw not grilled a la  James Bond . The burger was solid .

Warning. Brandon’s is smoking with the upstairs non-smoking . The vibe is downtown lunch crowd. Brandon’s has a great old wooden bar for that adds nice touch.

3 out of 5 stars is awarded to Brandon’s