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I have been remiss on keeping up with my weekly cheeseburger quest. Stuff like murder trials and other duties just got in the way. When I first started this wacky food adventure , I had two burger joints in mind that was going to win hands down . First was Brown’s Diner which was solid. The second was Rotier’s . I was a little disappointed in Rotier’s.

Rotier’s was in my mind one of the gold standards in Nashville cheeseburger history . The crowning jewel was the cheeseburger on French bread . So I headed down to Rotier’s for the classic . Of course , I ordered the French bread .Poppy seeds covered the toasted bun. As glorious as I remember then it went south . The burger was dry and a tad overcooked for my taste . Condiments were weak as well . I was shocked and dismayed as to the cheeseburger  from the great taste of my memory.

Vibe is still great . Old wood paneled dining room feels like the fifties’.Best of all is the old Galaga game that’s right by the door.On busy Vanderbilt game days a couple of games should be in order before you get your table.

3 out of 5 stars.