Edgefield Sports Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Edgefield Sports Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon



This week’s search for Nashville’s best cheeseburger takes us back to East Nashville for a review of Edgefield’s Sports Bar and Grill. I have been eating at Edgefield for years .It is home to some members of the Nashville courthouse crowd. One major reason is it is 21 and up so smoke them if you got them. That’s one negative in the review.

The Cheeseburger is served on a sesame seed bun.I think it is the first one that I have seen so far.It’s grilled with a dab of butter for some nice crispness.Six ounces of fresh beef pattied out daily.One slice of Swiss and one slice of American for a United Nations of cheese.The usual condiments of iceberg lettuce , onion , pickle , tomato.It’s served with mayo and mustard.Since i know the place I ordered a little mayo on the side.Sometimes they use a heavy hand with the mustard and mayo.

I had a great server by the name of Dee who gave me the scoop on Edgefield’s burger.Once it’s pattied , they precook the burger.It’s taken off the flattop and placed in a pan with what Dee describes as an Au Jus.You place the order then it’s back to the grill to finish it up.My burger still had a little pink.Usually it’s medium well.The cheeseburger tastes great , but the cooking process does give me some concern as to freshness and the lack of some beef juices. I need to learn more about this technique.

Vibe is beer joint with great food , smoky , and a great crowd.

I am going to give it three out of four stars.


Next week , I am going to the Belmont area.