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Arnold Myint of Top Chef  fame has several restaurants here in Nashville. Today , I went to PM in search of Nashville’s best cheeseburger. I was not disappointed .

The burger was framed by a great Kaiser bun .It still had a little flour on the top and placed on the grill for a few grill marks but no butter.I am watching my calories..It was the best bun yet.  Size of the burger was unknown . My server didn’t know the size , however the burger is cooked to order.Medium was my choice and it was perfect. Choice of different cheeses .My choice was cheddar which wasn’t fully melted. A small slice of romaine , sparse red onion , tomato was the condiments . No pickle which is required for a burger.Wasabi mayo make a nice treat.

Here is what made the burger. A super secret glaze sauce is added to the burger during the cooking process.They wouldn’t  tell me what was in it. So , I asked for a bowl on the side. A mix of Thai chili sauce , BBQ sauce , and some other stuff is my guess. I couldn’t breakdown what was in the sauce. I dunked the burger in the sauce for some extra flavor. Heaven.Steak fries with Kosher salt was the side.

Vibe was a restaurant not the dive bars like Brown’s or Twin Kegs which I prefer. Close to Belmont did make it seem like a hip college place.

Five out of five stars. A must to try in Nashville.