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I ran across a great article from the folks at techno lawyer . Nicole Black wrote an excellent article that listed 15 ways to be a happy lawyer . Lawyers especially criminal defense lawyers lead stressful lives and need to consider a healthy balance between work and their personal life. Here is the list ;

One of the blogs that I read is Seth Godin’s blog. It has a ton of information on business . One of his posts this week was on emotional hand-washing . Here is the post ;

Emotional handwashing

Emotions are far more contagious than any disease. A smile or a panic will spread through

Jury selection is the most important part of a criminal trial . Jury selection is when the attorneys question jurors on their qualifications and if they can be fair and unbiased jurors. Each attorney has eight peremptory challenges in a felony case under Tennessee law. A peremptory challenge allows a lawyer to strike a potential

Last week , I posted about Rutherford County Circuit Judge Royce Taylor’s prosed dress code for women lawyers . I was preparing for an oral argument before the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals and came across some suggestions for dress before the court.. I have a habit of skimming a book by Bryan Garner and Justice Antonin

Bobby Allyn of The Tennessean reported in a story about efforts by Rutherford County Circuit Judge Royce Taylor to impose a dress code  for women lawyers. Judge Taylor issued a memo on the subject of proper dress for women attorneys. The memo did not address a specific code of dress but referred all questions to

Chad Ochocinco was jailed for 30 days due to his behavior in a Florida court room. Here is the link to the video from TMZ. Chad Ochocinco formerly known as Chad Johnson pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge.Mr.Ochocinco failed to meet with his probation officer. A probation violation was issued. An agreement was made

One thing that I can’t stress enough is if you are under investigation by the police . you need to keep your mouth shut. I repeat. Do not answer any questions. You can look to many cases that support my point.

First,Jody Arias denies knowing anything about the murder . Then, blames it on

Last week , I tried a week long first degree murder case and aggravated child abuse case in Gallatin , Tennessee. We were blessed with a good result. The trial tip of the day is very simple.Gallatin is about a forty minute drive from Nashville. A hour plus is burned up in travel time. The case

For some reason , I follow foreign  criminal trials. It always amazes me the difference between our criminal justice system and those around the world. Italians make great wine and fine clothes but the criminal justice system is noting like the American system.

Amanda Knox was convicted of murder in Italy.Then , Knox’s murder


Jody Arias is facing questioning by the jurors in her trial charging her with murder. I have not followed the case , however I got into a discussion about her being subjected to jury questioning . Ms. Arias has undergone two days of questioning from the jurors. Most questions have focused on why she did not