Last week , I tried a week long first degree murder case and aggravated child abuse case in Gallatin , Tennessee. We were blessed with a good result. The trial tip of the day is very simple.Gallatin is about a forty minute drive from Nashville. A hour plus is burned up in travel time. The case had a lot of witnesses and some complex medical issues. During a trial you are burning the midnight oil. How do you ease the time restraints.

Easy. Book a hotel room. Case ended around five each day. Back to the hotel room to rest for a bit and make some last minute preparations for the nest day. No family distractions either. Rise and shine early the next day and preparing again and no worries about traffic. I know it sounds simple but just the ease of staying close by the courthouse allowed me to really focus on what is important. If you have a case out of town , consider a hotel room. Here is my motto. Have case will travel as long as there is a hotel close .