One thing that I can’t stress enough is if you are under investigation by the police . you need to keep your mouth shut. I repeat. Do not answer any questions. You can look to many cases that support my point.

First,Jody Arias denies knowing anything about the murder . Then, blames it on masked gunmen . Later , she states it was self defense. Three stories she told. Three inconsistent statements she told police. Now facing the death penalty.

The average DUI case is another example. "Sir, Have you had anything to drink tonight." The answer of two gets you a ride to the police station where you are facing a DUI charge.

Some police departments use hidden digital recorders to tape every conversation without one’s knowledge. In a recent case I handled the Hendersonville Police Department Detectives taped every conversation.

Why does one facing criminal charges feel the need to speak with police before they call a lawyer ? Some people believe they can talk themselves out of trouble. Wrong.  Most detectives have been trained on interrogation techniques to get a confession or some statements that don’t add up. Police will use some information or create an impression that they know more than they are admitting to get a statement.

You think Jody Arias wished she would have kept her mouth shut now ?