Chad Ochocinco was jailed for 30 days due to his behavior in a Florida court room. Here is the link to the video from TMZ. Chad Ochocinco formerly known as Chad Johnson pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge.Mr.Ochocinco failed to meet with his probation officer. A probation violation was issued. An agreement was made where he would receive a 30 day suspended sentence and do some community service work. At some point , Ochocinco swatted his lawyer’s rear end then the court room erupted in laughter. The judge went ballistic. The court refused to accept the agreed upon disposition and ordered Ochocinco to serve 30 days in jail.

Did the judge overreact ? My thoughts are yes. My son played AAU basketball.During a break or time out, the coach would whisper in his ear and swat his butt. My son’s next shot was always going in after the butt slap. It is a time honored move in sports. Did the court abuse his discretion in refusing to accept the deal on the probation case ? Some in the blog world think the court went out of bounds in it’s ruling.

What are the lessons from this case ?

  • If you are on probation , always meet with your probation officer.It is the easiest thing to do.
  • Never give your lawyer a butt slap.You will never know where you will end up.
  • If you agree to probation, make sure you can fulfill the conditions.

My final thoughts are Free Chad Ochocinco.The court made it’s point.Now it is time for the court to do what is right and accept the agreement. Sure the court needs to maintain order in the courtroom , but a courtroom is not a vacuum. How many times did this court accept a disposition on a probation revocation case ? How many did it reject when the defendant did something stupid.