Chad Ochocinco was jailed for 30 days due to his behavior in a Florida court room. Here is the link to the video from TMZ. Chad Ochocinco formerly known as Chad Johnson pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge.Mr.Ochocinco failed to meet with his probation officer. A probation violation was issued. An agreement was made

   In Tennessee Criminal courtrooms, probation violation hearings are sometimes difficult to win.  However, I ran across some good case law to help win these cases.

Often, a probation violation warrant is taken out due to a new criminal charge.  In State of Tennessee v. James Butler, the Court of Criminal Appeals of Tennessee  held that

 A criminal defense attorney’s work is not limited to jury trials.Most of the day to day work a criminal defense lawyer performs is trying to persuade a judge to embrace their legal position.From sentencing hearings , probation violation hearings , bond reduction hearings , and motions to suppress evidence , an attorney has to be able to make their case to the judge.

I have been rereading parts of Justice Antonin Scalia and Bryan Garner’s book , Making Your Case The Art of Persuading Judges.There are three main points that bears mentioning for my fellow attorneys.

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