The State Supreme Court of Hawaii ruled that a man convicted of punching his stepson should have been allowed to raise parental discipline as a defense in his trial. The trial court rejected that defense because the boy’s nose was broke by the defendant who wanted him to clean a carpet stain. The case is

The Tennessee State Senate passed a bill ( SB 567/HB 685) that would authorize a magistrate to order any defendant who is arrested for stalking or a domestic violence charge to carry or wear a GPS device. The device would notify the alleged victim if the defendant is at or near a location the defendant has been

Jill Cecil Wiersma  reported on the rise of domestic violence cases in Williamson County , Tennessee.Here’s the data;

  • Spring Hill , Tn. Police report over 189 verbal or physical assaults this year.Domestic violence charges are the number one crime surpassing auto burglary.
  • Brentwood ,Tn Police report 45 domestic violence charges.
  • Franklin , Tn. Police department

In Tennessee , it is unlawful to violate an order of protection issued by a court. A violation of  an order of protection is governed under Tennessee Code Annotated 39-13-114.A violation of this section is a Class A misdemeanor. The legal twist with this law is it requires it to be served consecutively to to

Just who is a domestic violence victim?  Well, the Tennessee State Legislature defines who is a domestic violence victim by statute.  I am glad it is defined because it eliminates any debate. Here’s the definition straight from the Tennessee Code.

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Several days ago , I read a post by Scott Greenfield  on his blog Simple Justice . The theme of the post is that the courthouse has changed from a place where the average citizen could seek a fair trial to one dominated by the government. For example , Greenfield noted that the presence of