Jill Cecil Wiersma  reported on the rise of domestic violence cases in Williamson County , Tennessee.Here’s the data;

  • Spring Hill , Tn. Police report over 189 verbal or physical assaults this year.Domestic violence charges are the number one crime surpassing auto burglary.
  • Brentwood ,Tn Police report 45 domestic violence charges.
  • Franklin , Tn. Police department report 202 year to date domestic violence  reports.

Spring Hill Police Lt. Justin Hill states that neighbors report loud noise that police then investigate.Brentwood,Tn. Police Captain Tommy Walsh advised that the larger yards preclude neighbors from hearing any domestic fights and the calls come from inside the home.

Do the police have a right to come into your home based solely on a neighbors complaint of loud noise ? Probably not.

Article I, Section 7 of the Tennessee Constitution provides ;



That the people shall be secure in their persons, houses, papers

and possessions, from unreasonable searches and seizures; and that general

warrants, whereby an officer may be commanded to search suspected places,

without evidence of the fact committed, or to seize any person or persons not

named, whose offenses are not particularly described and supported by evidence,

are dangerous to liberty and ought not be granted.