The Tennessee State Senate passed a bill ( SB 567/HB 685) that would authorize a magistrate to order any defendant who is arrested for stalking or a domestic violence charge to carry or wear a GPS device. The device would notify the alleged victim if the defendant is at or near a location the defendant has been ordered to stay away from .

Currently , Tennessee law has in place conditions of release on bond . Those bond conditions have been on the books for years. It appears those measures have been adequate to protect an alleged victim until the court decides the case . In Davidson County , Tennessee , the cost of GPS monitoring is $10.00 per day . Now , it appears the state of Tennessee wants to put everyone accused of a crime on GPS or sometime of electronic surveillance. Gang members , those accused of DUI , and now  those accused of domestic violence  are subject to the GPS device .

Big brother now has an eye in the sky and they want to look at everyone . Forget about the process of getting a warrant , the presumption of innocence , and the cost to the defendant . Heaven forbid they are innocent of the charges .

What’s next GPS on all those that have an an order of protection against them ?