The Jury Room Blog ran a great post today on  whether female stalkers are less likely to be violent than male stalkers. it is always assumed in domestic violence cases across Tennessee and elsewhere it is always the male that is the violent one. According to a study by Strand and McEwen that appeared in Psychological Medicine , that is a false assumption. According to the study , women stalkers are just as likely as male stalkers to be violent.If one is being stalked by a female who is a former romantic partner , there is a high risk of violence if you are the one perceived as ending the relationship.

Stalking should be taken seriously between both male and female stalkers.Could stalking by females make men more vulnerable to domestic violence charges when they try to deal with the issue without calling the police. Educating the jury could be difficult in the South when faced with convincing the jury that a man is just as much risk to be a victim of domestic violence as a women.