Changes to Tennessee’s !2 hour hold in domestic violence cases is set for committee review this afternoon . Current law requires that anyone arrested for a domestic violence charge must be held in custody for 12 hours before one could make a bail bond. A judge has discretion to waive the 12 hour hold .

The purpose of a  bail bond is to release a person charged with a crime from jail. In exchange , the accused promises to make all their court dates subject to the bail bond being forfeited upon a failure to appear. What happens when the courts set an excessive or punitive bond to punish those

As I was walking to the criminal courthouse in Gallatin , Tennessee for a motion hearing , I noticed a new sign for a lawyer on the corner . The sign advertised General Sessions Lawyer .  What is a General Sessions lawyer ? Under Tennessee rules of specialization , Tennessee does not recognize such


Timothy Rush posted on his Facebook page about  the alcohol he was drinking at Anchor High Marina in Hendersonville, Tennessee.Rush even invited his " friends" to stop by for a drink.Later , he he left and killed Calvin Miller Jr. Rush’s blood alcohol level was .13 % .

Members of the Hendersonville Police Department recovered

Most counties outside of Nashville Davidson County use blood tests to determine blood alcohol concentration.Most police departments in Willamson County such as Franklin Police Department and Brentwood Police Department always request a DUI suspect to submit to a blood alcohol test.Also Sumner County law enforcement agencies like Hendersonville Police Department and Gallatin Police Department use