Boating Under The Influence

Yesterday , I posted a link to a article on social media about boating under the influence cases. Here is a link to the article . I got a question that I thought was worth sharing . The question was does a boating under the influence charge effect your Tennessee driver’s license.

The short answer

Labor day is fast approaching which signals the end of the boating season here in Tennessee. I was reminded of the increased  BUI enforcement of  Old Hickory Lake and Percy Priest Lake by my boating friends. It’s reported that the Tennessee Wildlife Resource officers are making safety inspections all over both lakes in an effort

According to the Tennessee Wildlife resource agency , TWRA boating officers made 28 boating under the influence arrests during the period with almost one third (nine) coming from Old Hickory Lake. Kentucky Lake was a distant second with three arrests, with Watts Bar, Boone, Ft. Loudoun, and Watauga lakes all having two arrests each.

One key