A  Florida Judge ordered a man accused of a domestic violence charge to take his wife out to Red Lobster as a condition of his bail bond. Judge John Hurley ordered the defendant who was accused of assaulting his wife to get her some flowers , dress up , take her to Red Lobster , and then to take her bowling. Also , the court ordered counseling . It appears the judge took a little heat for his unusual conditions of bail bond.

The story is important because in Tennessee domestic violence cases there are statutory conditions of bond in a domestic violence case. Tennessee Code Annotated 40-11-150 sets at those conditions ;

(1) An order enjoining the defendant from threatening to commit or committing specified offenses against the
alleged victim or other family or household member;
(2) An order prohibiting the defendant from harassing, annoying, telephoning, contacting or otherwise
communicating with the alleged victim, either directly or indirectly;
(3) An order directing the defendant to vacate or stay away from the home of the alleged victim and to stay
away from any other location where the victim is likely to be;
(4) An order prohibiting the defendant from using or possessing a firearm or other weapon specified by the
(5) An order prohibiting the defendant from possession or consumption of alcohol or controlled substances;
(6) Any other order required to protect the safety of the alleged victim and to ensure the appearance of the defendant in court.

Luckily , the Tennessee statue does not require eating at Red Lobster together or going bowling.