I really don’t know what a blog really is supposed to look like. I comment on issues that interest me as well as things that come up in my law practice. Today , I thought I would report on how DUI cases are being handled in Murfreesboro, Tn. In 2012 , the Tennessee Legislature passed

Nashville’s WLPN radio has been reporting on some of the new criminal laws that went into effect at the start of the New Year . Tennessee has created a new class of reckless endangerment charges. Senator Mark Norris spearheaded the new law based upon the drive by shootings that occur in Memphis, Tn. The new law

 Since May 1st Nashville has experienced some of the worst flooding in the city’s history.  Downtown, Bellevue, and Antioch have been hard hit.  The criminal courts have closed for the week.  Everybody has been affected in some way.  Folks have lost their houses, cars, possibly their jobs, and some have lost their lives.  My thoughts and