Tennessee Driving Under The Influence (DUI)  cases does not have a lesser included offense or lesser charge under Tennessee criminal law.Technically , one is either found guilty or innocent at trial. However , some jurisdictions may offer plea bargains to other offenses rather than a DUI.  DUI cases in Murfreesboro , Tn. , La Vergne , Tn. , Smyrna , Tn. , Rutherford County and Cannon County are handled by the District Attorney’s office for the 16th  Judicial District Those assistant district attorneys  sometimes offer a plea bargain of DUI cases to reckless endangerment.

What is reckless endangerment ? Here’s the legal definition ;

39-13-103. Reckless endangerment. —



(a)  A person commits an offense who recklessly engages in conduct that places or may place another person in imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury.


(b)  Reckless endangerment is a Class A misdemeanor; however, reckless endangerment committed with a deadly weapon is a Class E felony.

So , what does it mean ?

A plea  to a misdemeanor  reckless endangerment carries a punishment up to 11 months and 29 days in jail and a fine up to $2500.00. The big issue is that it puts 8 points on your drivers license.

So is a plea to reckless endangerment in your best interest ? It depends on the facts of the case. Make sure you get a complete case review of your Tennessee DUI case.