Criminal Law Dictionary

Criminal law creates it’s own unique terminology. One of the common phrases is " Bound Over ". Most criminal cases in Tennessee start at the General Sessions Court . If the case cannot be settled at the General Sessions Court ,  a  citizen accused of a crime can have a preliminary hearing or waive your


What is a aggravated vehicular homicide charge in Tennessee ? Most criminal charges have elements or components of what it takes to be convicted. Here is the jury charge of aggravated vehicular homicide ;

T.P.I. — CRIM. 7.11


            Members of the Jury, you have found the defendant guilty beyond


What is a grand jury ? A grand jury in Tennessee is made up of a foreperson and 12 members.A Tennessee grand jury’s main duty is to inquire into , consider , and act on all criminal cases submitted to it by the district attorney general.Article I Section 14 of the Tennessee Constitution 

In Tennessee criminal courts , we hear the word " Probable Cause’" used a lot.

Probable cause is a legal term of art that means a constitutionally prescribed standard of proof.Probable cause is the burden of proof necessary for the issuance of an indictment or an arrest warrant.

This is the standard of proof required

An arraignment is the first formal procedure in the criminal courts in Tennessee. An arraignment is the procedure where the accused is brought before the court to plead to the criminal charge in the indictment or presentment.The defendant is made aware of the charge and enters a plea.

Now , the formal reading of the

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What is a Plea Bargain ?

A plea bargain is the process where the District Attorney and the lawyer for the accused tries to work out an agreement to settle the criminal charge.It