Qualifications for Office

I was born and raised in Nashville, with my sisters Janice Podis Hertz and Vicky Podis Jacobs. My parents, Micky and Sylvia Podis, always instilled in us a sense of community service. I graduated from Bellevue High School. I earned my Associates in Social Work from Aquinas Junior College and my BS in Sociology from

Here is the latest submission by Judge Sophia Crawford for Juvenile Court Judge . All candidates are invited to submit their qualifications. They will be unedited and appear as submitted. My name is Sophia Crawford and I am currently serving as the Davidson County Juvenile Court Judge. I am asking for your vote on May

I am pleased to post the second statement of qualifications of office. This time it is Rob McGuire’s qualifications. If you have not read the ground rules here they are.

I’m Rob McGuire and I’m running for District Attorney General. Torry Johnson, who has been the District Attorney for the last twenty-six years is

Here is Ed Ryan’s qualifications for judge. Mr.Ryan is running for General Sessions judge in Nashville Davidson County, Tennessee.

 Qualification to be a Judge in TN 1. Have spent your life devoted to the law and the courts it should be your passion. 2. Actually tried a case, trial, motions hearings. Argued your side of