Here is Ed Ryan’s qualifications for judge. Mr.Ryan is running for General Sessions judge in Nashville Davidson County, Tennessee.

 Qualification to be a Judge in TN 1. Have spent your life devoted to the law and the courts it should be your passion. 2. Actually tried a case, trial, motions hearings. Argued your side of a case to a trier of fact. 3. Be able to see all sides of a case not be jaded from one side or another. Identify the issue apply the law correctly. 4. Be fair to all sides, listen! Don’t worry about moving a docket realize that this is the most important issue in these people lives no matter what side they are on or how big or small the case appears. 5. Be consistent and decisive. Why vote for Ed Ryan Division 9 General Session Court I have spent my entire adult life working in the judicial system. After graduating from Antioch High School I served my country in the U.S. Air force. I served as a security police officer and worked narcotics. Upon returning to Nashville I became a member of the Metro Nashville Police Department where I proudly served for sixteen years. While with MNPD I started in patrol in West Precinct, moved to the k-9 unit for 10 years. While working patrol and K-9, I went to school and obtained by AS and BS in Criminal Justice with a minor is psychology. I then attended the Nashville School of Law, graduated and was sworn in as an attorney in 1995. While an attorney with MNPD I was promoted to sergeant, worked in the legal division and taught law at the police academy. In 1997 I was offered a job as an Assistant District Attorney in Davidson County. I was a prosecutor for two years. While in the DA’s office I was the team leader in the vehicular crimes unit. I also worked in the trial courts handling cases from murder to theft. In 2000 I went into private practice. As a private practicing attorney I have handled cases in all levels of court, from family law, wills & estates, probate, conservatorships, civil litigation (plaintiff & defense), in both Circuit and General Session Court. I continued my practice in the criminal courts as a defense attorney representing people with a range of crimes from shoplifting to murder. I have argued to both the Court of Criminal Appeals and the Tennessee Supreme Court. I had the opportunity to be the first Environmental Court Referee in Davidson County serving from 2001-2006. I had the chance to sit as a judge and apply the law and facts to real people and their problems. I was able to see how important these matters were from the Governments side as well as that of the person charged. It was a great opportunity to see how being a fair and responsible judge was so important to the system. Even though not everyone wins you want to make sure people leave knowing that they had a chance to present their case and have a fair day in court. I have dedicated my entire life to the law in one aspect or another. I have worked to elevate my knowledge of the law and the courts to ensure I do the best job I can for my clients. I want to take my experience from the streets to the court house and continue to serve the people in Nashville and make sure when they come into my courtroom it is fair and just. I ask for your vote on May 6, 2014. and Thank you