Here is Ed Ryan’s qualifications for judge. Mr.Ryan is running for General Sessions judge in Nashville Davidson County, Tennessee.

 Qualification to be a Judge in TN 1. Have spent your life devoted to the law and the courts it should be your passion. 2. Actually tried a case, trial, motions hearings. Argued your side of

Last week , a young lawyer had a first court appearance . Fear seeped in after years of college and law school . Uncertainty was the mood of the day . Few law schools truly prepare a lawyer for their first court appearance . I was lucky. I clerked for a Nashville trial judge and felt comfortable

What is the punishment for aggravated sexual battery under Tennessee criminal law ?

 Aggravated sexual battery is a Class B felony in Tennessee . The full range of punishment is 8 to 30 years in jail . The true length of the prison sentence depends on the number of felony convictions that one


Lindsay Lohan was released early from the Betty Ford  Center after a 90 day stint in  rehab.Lohan has had major difficulty with her probation and repeated problems with alcohol.I wish her the best  in her recovery. However, Ms. Lohan’s problems illustrate some issues that arise in Tennessee drunk driving cases (DUI).

One question frequently asked question is whether one should go to rehab after