Here is the latest submission by Judge Sophia Crawford for Juvenile Court Judge . All candidates are invited to submit their qualifications. They will be unedited and appear as submitted. My name is Sophia Crawford and I am currently serving as the Davidson County Juvenile Court Judge. I am asking for your vote on May 6, 2014 so I may continue to serve the children and families of Davidson County as Juvenile Court Judge. I believe how our justice system treats minors impacts the future of our city in a way most people cannot even imagine. Although I decided to attend law school at the fateful flip of a coin, I quickly realized that I have a great passion for the law. After graduation, I practiced in family and juvenile law, and also served on the Foster Care Review Board of Davidson County, which was created to oversee children in foster care, make sure they receive appropriate care, protection and treatment, and that treatment and services are provided promptly to the parents to ensure safe return of the children. Additionally, this board ensured that other long-term placement goals were achieved when re-unification of the family was not possible. I was also appointed to the Tennessee Children’s Justice Act Task Force, which was charged with making recommendations to the Governor and legislature for improving the detection, intervention, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse in Tennessee. After watching three colleagues go to the bench (Judges Mark Fishburn, Sue Evans, and Gloria Dumas), I was encouraged to apply for a Juvenile Court Magistrate position. It was an incredible opportunity for me to continue working on the things I care about most in a new and exciting environment. Judge Betty Green appointed me to the bench in 2002. I was immediately humbled by the experience, not just because of the hard work and long hours, but also because I was working out of a cubicle courtroom. My courtroom attendees would actually stand up when the court officer from the next cubicle over called for the courtroom to rise! My experience as Magistrate helped shape my understanding of what it means to be an effective judge. I was instrumental in the development and establishment of dockets in Juvenile Court for the establishment and collection of child support for children in foster care. I also assisted in managing a Federal grant associated with this position. These two things resulted in the highest collections in the state for child support for children in foster care. I also helped develop procedures and protocol for the first Order of Protection docket in the Davidson County Juvenile Court, and presided over that docket. In 2012, Judge Green retired and I was given the honor of taking her place as Davidson County Juvenile Court Judge. That was when I realized my true calling. The position requires bench experience and solid administrative experience to serve as the department head to a court of approximately 114 employees, a detention center, and a $13 million budget. My years as a private practitioner, coupled with the responsibilities of co-owning a convenience store with my husband, Jay, prepared me well for this role. In addition to my duties as judge, I am a member of the Tennessee Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, Women’s Political Collaborative of Tennessee, Napier-Looby Bar Association, Women in Numbers and the Nashville Bar Association. I am also a member of the Old Hickory, Donelson/Hermitage and Madison Chambers of Commerce. I am an active member and board member of Christ Church Nashville. The privilege of judgeship demands we serve with accountability, discernment, integrity, respect, equity, timeliness, thoroughness and neutrality. I strive to demonstrate these attributes, and will continue to do so. Nothing is more rewarding than making a positive difference in someone’s life. While it is rare to get feedback from those who come before us in court, some cases have stayed with me. Those include: a child on a terribly destructive path who turned their life around; parents who completely change their lives to be reunited with their children; and the child who said I probably saved their life when I committed them to state custody. These cases have given me the chance to help and guide the most vulnerable people in our society and I am thankful for the trust people have placed in me, Our Juvenile Court has continued many programs developed by Judge Green and I am proud of the enhancements and improvements made by our staff. We will continue our court philosophy that accountability and early intervention can be the most effective tools to get a youth or family on a path to become productive members of our community. I am asking you to keep me as your Juvenile Court Judge, and promise to preside over the court with the toughness and compassion required to instill generations of children with respect for themselves, their fellow citizens, and the law. See: Facebook at; Webpage: