I am pleased to post the second statement of qualifications of office. This time it is Rob McGuire’s qualifications. If you have not read the ground rules here they are.

I’m Rob McGuire and I’m running for District Attorney General. Torry Johnson, who has been the District Attorney for the last twenty-six years is not seeking re-election and is endorsing me to succeed him. 
I have dedicated my entire professional career to seeking justice in every case. My obligation as a prosecutor is not to seek convictions but to pursue the truth: to hold the guilty accountable when the evidence supports it but to protect the innocent when it does not. For over twelve years I have been on that mission. I want Nashville to be both a safe city and a free city and as District Attorney I will strive to pursue both goals. It is vitally important as well to temper justice with mercy. The consequences of a criminal act must not only fit the crime but they must be fundamentally fair with an aim toward rehabilitation if at all possible. It’s essential to separate the hardened criminal from someone who has made a mistake and has the chance to make amends. I have the experience to make those kinds of judgments and the skills to lead sixty other attorneys in making those judgments. I have the respect and support of my colleagues in the District Attorney’s Office that will allow me to effectively lead from day one forward. My reputation within the defense bar is that I am fair, honest, professional and handle my cases with openness, transparency and a sense of humor. I respect the job the defense attorney does and I believe it is crucial to protecting our liberty. 
I have my degree from Northwestern University where I graduated with honors. I then attended Vanderbilt Law School where I was a member of the law review and the honor council. I joined the D.A.’s Office five days after graduation and I’m a career prosecutor. I’ve served as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Vanderbilt Law School and am currently on the faculty at Belmont Law School teaching trial advocacy. I am certified as a Criminal Trial Specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and the Tennessee Commission on CLE & Specialization. I’m routinely invited by state prosecutor associations to lecture to them on prosecutorial ethics and I was invited to be ethics panelist at the National District Attorneys Association annual conference in 2011. I have tried over 90 felony jury trials including over 30 First Degree Murder cases. 
I believe that being a prosecutor is a calling not just a job. I also believe that the office of District Attorney is vitally important to the health of our city and that we should vote for someone who not only believes in the mission of prosecutor but can lead others to follow that mission. I know I can do that I and I want your support and your vote on May 6, 2014. If you’d like to know more about me and what I believe please go to my website at www.McGuireforDA.com. Thank you – 
Rob McGuire