Can you consent to a police search of your car or home under Tennessee law.The answer is yes.

Consent is a well recognized exception to the search warrant requirements of both Article I section 7 of the Tennessee Constitution and the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. The key is a valid consent

In today’s Nashville Tennessean , Nate Rau and Michael Case reported that legal fees for the Nashville Convention Center have surpassed $1.1 million. Some firms have charged between $250.00 and $600.00 per hour. Here is my suggestion to solve this problem. Hire criminal defense attorneys to do the work.Here’s why.

  1. Court appointed criminal defense lawyers

  You might be wondering why I have a picture of Electronic Express on West End Avenue in Nashville , Tennessee on a criminal law blog.. Here’s why.This parking lot is where a lot of DUI enforcement officers set up radar to catch drunk drivers speeding. A traffic violation is probable cause to stop a car..

   Rudy Giuliani’s daughter Caroline appeared in a New York courtroom Tuesday.She was charged with shoplifting some cosmetics from a store. Ms Giuliani received a plea under an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD). Once she performs some public service work likely to be at a sanitation garage ,her criminal case will be dismissed.

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As I was driving back from a preliminary hearing on a drug interdiction case in Rutherford County general Sessions court , I needed to grab a bite before going back to the office. So , I thought about an old favorite Tex"s Barbecue on Foster Avenue in Nashville. I had not been there in awhile

Identifying who committed the crime is one element of proof in most criminal cases. There are several different methods of identification. First , the person knows the accused. Second , the police may use a lineup or show up to identify a defendant, Third , the defendant may be identified in open court by

FBI Director Robert Mueller has disclosed to Congress that FBI Special Agents have been cheating on tests. Agents are required to take a test on how to conduct surveillance and open  files and criminal investigations on citizens. The purpose is to make sure the FBI agents know the law to make sure they do their

I thought a little DUI video might be in order . I have been out of town and had a trial last week in Ashland City , Tn. So, I thought to get back in the swing a little humor might be appropriate. Thanks to Jamison Koehler a Northern Virginia DUI lawyer for the tip.