FBI Director Robert Mueller has disclosed to Congress that FBI Special Agents have been cheating on tests. Agents are required to take a test on how to conduct surveillance and open  files and criminal investigations on citizens. The purpose is to make sure the FBI agents know the law to make sure they do their job right. It appears the agents cheated on the test. I guess they don’t have an honor code or it implicates the FBI agents may bend the law or their testimony when it benefits the agent.

Asked about an  Associated Press report about the cheating investigation, Mueller said he does not know how widespread the problem was.

"I’ve got a general idea, but I do not know how many," Mueller testified. "And I am not certain the IG knows how many either. He has pointed out instances orally to me where there may be persons in a particular office where it was widespread and may be attributable to a lack of understanding and confusion about the procedures."

Here’s a copy from the Office of the Inspector General on the cheating.  I an agent cheats to pass a test what else are they capable of doing. I am in search of an honest man.