Rudy Giuliani’s daughter Caroline appeared in a New York courtroom Tuesday.She was charged with shoplifting some cosmetics from a store. Ms Giuliani received a plea under an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD). Once she performs some public service work likely to be at a sanitation garage ,her criminal case will be dismissed.

In the General Sessions Courts for Nashville Davidson County Tennessee , there are similar procedures to handle some petty crimes.Shoplifting , simple possession of drugs and various other criminal charges can be disposed of like Ms.Giuliani’s case. The disposition in Nashville courts is referred to as an under advisement plea. Usually a plea bargain is reached to do public service work or some other type of project , a plea is entered but disposition is reserved if you do what you are supposed to do case dismissed. You fail to do it .Jail and a permanent criminal conviction will be on your record. These types of dispositions are not just for the rich and famous , but are available to the average citizen. Ask your attorney if you are eligible for this type of plea bargain.