A drunk driving case (DUI) is a case of opinions. The police have an opinion that the defendant is impaired.Your client has a different opinion of their sobriety. How does a criminal defense attorney rebut the police officers testimony ? Witnesses may need to be called to attack the police testimony.Here’s a list of potential

I have written about the effects of Red Bull and alcohol , but I just read a excellent post by Lawrence Taylor who writes the DUI Blog.here is an excerpt from his post on the effects of caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol have a synergistic effect — that is, they combine to produce


Can the Field Sobriety Tests in a drunk driving case be effected by the shoes you wear ? The answer is yes.The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has produced a manual on the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.In the 2006 manual in lesson VIII-11 ,it states that individuals wearing heels more than two inches should be



There are several myths about defending a DUI case.Several years ago Atlanta,Ga DUI lawyer Bubba Head wrote an article on the five myths of defending a DUI case.One of those myths is you can’t win a DUI case.You can beat a DUI case if the facts are on your side.Here are some tips on

Men’s Health Magazine listed America"s drunkest cities in a recent article.How did they determine the list ? The list was based upon death rates from liver disease, alcohol impaired car crashes , the number of DUI arrests , and the severity of the punishment.Two Tennessee cities made it on the top 100 list. Nashville,Tn was