A drunk driving case (DUI) is a case of opinions. The police have an opinion that the defendant is impaired.Your client has a different opinion of their sobriety. How does a criminal defense attorney rebut the police officers testimony ? Witnesses may need to be called to attack the police testimony.Here’s a list of potential witnesses a DUI lawyer should consider:

  1. Friends , companions , or spouse.
  2. Bystanders at the scene.
  3. Bartenders, waiters, or waitresses.
  4. Witnesses who know the defendant’s physical or speech problems
  5. My personal favorite is the valet.
  6. People who spoke to the defendant by cell phone or communicated by text message.
  7. The bondsman or whoever picked up the accused from jail.

Remember , please interview these witnesses before a trial or hearing.One warning of this list of witnesses is the bartender.Use a bartender with caution.For example , the defendant is a regular customer of that bar does not bode well for an effective defense. Here’s the problem testimony. "Joe comes in here all the time"  said the bartender and " he never has more than six beers and four shooters." How fast can the jury say guilty.

Witness selection in drunk driving cases can be used effectively , but be careful.