Citizens suspected of driving under the influence in Tennessee do have some rights during the arrest process. One of those rights is the ability to request an independent sample of your blood. The  purpose of this law is to give the accused the right to test his or her blood to determine if test is accurate. Typically, two blood samples

Seth Godin wrote a great blog post about river guides. The post hit home since I went down the Colorado River on a raft trip last year. Mr. Godin talks about a river guide piloting a dory down Lava Falls. Lava Falls is one of the best rapids in the Grand Canyon. It takes great

Richard Wilson of the Nashville Metro Police Department was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for allegations that he was involved in distributing cocaine , Mr. Wilson has been decommissioned as a police officer pending the outcome of his criminal charges. Mr. Wilson has been on the DUI Enforcement Unit of the Nashville Police Department


Who made the field sobriety tests the primary means of detecting driver impairment to alcohol in Tennessee DUI cases ? The answer is your government.Beginning in the 1970’s research studies were sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA). NHSTA contracted with the Southern California Research Institute (SCRI) to determine which roadside field

   One of the critical elements of any drunk driving (DUI) investigation is the field sobriety tests. In this post , I hope to explain what the police officers are looking for in the walk-and-turn test. The walk-and-turn test is just one of the three standardized field sobriety tests. Often , I have clients that tell me

Here’s an update on the 1300 DUI videos that were destroyed.  At first Metro Nashville Police blamed ICOP Digital stating the software had a flawed update.  Brian Haas of The Tennessean reported today on the company’s response.  Here is a copy of the letter that was sent to Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson.  You can

In the July 2, 2010 Trial Tips Newsletter published by Elliott Wilcox, Mr. Wilcox discusses the importance of going to the crime scene.  From DUI cases to First Degree Murder cases, going to the scene gives you a real feel for the case.  Here are a few takeaways from the article;

  1. The attorney will

Starting today, I will be posting a series of video blogs on one of the most important pieces of evidence in a Nashville , Tennessee DUI case.  The Metro Nashville Davidson County Police Department uses a report called a 132 report in all DUI investigations.  Other than a blood or breath test, the 132 report is the most critical

 I thought I would show everyone one what a SCRAM device looks like on Lindsay Lohan.  Ms. Lohan was ordered to wear a Scram device when she failed to show up to court in California.  I expect the SCRAM device to be used more often in Tennessee DUI cases by the courts.  It works much like