One of the critical elements of any drunk driving (DUI) investigation is the field sobriety tests. In this post , I hope to explain what the police officers are looking for in the walk-and-turn test. The walk-and-turn test is just one of the three standardized field sobriety tests. Often , I have clients that tell me they passed only to discover the police officer failed them on the DUI tests.

                                  List of Clues on the Walk-and-Turn Tests

  1. You Cannot Keep Balance While Listening To Instructions
  2. Starts Before The Instructions Are Finished
  3. Stops While Walking
  4. Does Not Touch Heel To toe
  5. Steps Off Line
  6. Uses arms To Balance
  7. Improper Turn
  8. Incorrect Number Of Steps

If you fail two or more of these eight clues , you fail this test.The tests are designed for failure. I created a video on the walk-and-turn test. Hit the link for more information on the walk-and-turn test.

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