Under Tennessee’s DUI laws ,  you can get jail credit for alcohol treatment on second offense DUI charges , third offense DUI charges , and felony DUI charges. . On July 1, 2014 , new laws went into effect granting jail credit for alcohol treatment on all multiple DUI charges. Before July 1.2014. one could only obtain

Olympic swimming  star Michael Phelps checked into a alcohol treatment facility after his second DUI arrest. I mention his problem because some folks in Tennessee think about doing the same thing if they are arrested for a DUI. Tennessee recently enacted some new laws about  certain benefits of getting into a alcohol treatment .

Tennessee enacted

What should be the goals of  Tennessee’s drunk driving laws? Punishment? Toughness? Rehabilitation? DUI laws are a political football in Tennessee. The Tennessee Legislature creates some new DUI law every term from mandatory ignition interlock to increased punishment. But what are the goals?  Should our government encourage people charged with a crime to get help? Here

One question that comes up in handling drunk driving cases is "should I go to treatment." It is always a hard question . Going to a alcohol treatment is a personal decision not a legal decision. It should be based on a desire to help you not just get out of a DUI charge. Tennessee