Olympic swimming  star Michael Phelps checked into a alcohol treatment facility after his second DUI arrest. I mention his problem because some folks in Tennessee think about doing the same thing if they are arrested for a DUI. Tennessee recently enacted some new laws about  certain benefits of getting into a alcohol treatment .

Tennessee enacted the Recidivism Reduction Act of 2014 which allows for jail credit for inpatient and outpatient treatment on second and third offense DUI cases in Tennessee. The point is do not just jump into a treatment program without first contacting a DUI defense lawyer. The act was designed to give post judgment credit for alcohol treatment. The act does allow for  post judgment credit , but it needs some attention to make sure you get the credit. You can now get jail credit for treatment on a DUI third offense as well as a second offense DUI and get jail credit for intensive out patient treatment.

The teaching point from Michael Phelps case is don’t dive into to treatment without checking the water.