Under Tennessee’s DUI laws ,  you can get jail credit for alcohol treatment on second offense DUI charges , third offense DUI charges , and felony DUI charges. . On July 1, 2014 , new laws went into effect granting jail credit for alcohol treatment on all multiple DUI charges. Before July 1.2014. one could only obtain jail credit on DUI second charges.


Here is the deal ;

  • On second offense DUI charges , a person convicted of a DUI second offense can get up to twenty days jail credit for inpatient treatment or receive one day of jail credit for every nine hours of intensive outpatient treatment up to twenty days.
  • On a third offense and felony DUI charge a person convicted of these offenses can receive up to fifty-five days of jail credit.
  • A alcohol assessment is required.

Make sure you want to go to treatment before you sign up. Going to alcohol treatment just to help your case is not going to be beneficial. Go because you want to or need to for yourself. The laws are a little complex. Consult with your lawyer before you start. Sadly , you can not get jail credit for treatment on a first offense DUI.