One question that comes up in handling drunk driving cases is "should I go to treatment." It is always a hard question . Going to a alcohol treatment is a personal decision not a legal decision. It should be based on a desire to help you not just get out of a DUI charge. Tennessee does allow jail credit of up to 28 days for inpatient treatment . Warning. Tennessee does not give credit for prejudgment jail credit.

Should you decide to seek treatment then you have to pick a provider. I ran across a article on Picking Addiction Help  by Jane Brody. Ms. Brody discussed a new book on addiction by William Cope Myers. The book "Now What ? An Insider’s Guide to Addiction and Recovery" provides some suggestions on how to pick a treatment provider. Here are some of the questions to ask;

  • Do they offer a full assessment before admission ?
  • Is there a social worker on staff to assist with work or family problems ?
  • Is there a program for family members to participate in learning the essentials of recovery and how to make the transition to return home?
  • Is there a aftercare program

Alcohol addiction is an illness.  Treatment is an option in Tennessee DUI cases to help solve the problems one faces. Just make sure you consult with your lawyer before entering treatment.