Under Tennessee’s DUI laws ,  you can get jail credit for alcohol treatment on second offense DUI charges , third offense DUI charges , and felony DUI charges. . On July 1, 2014 , new laws went into effect granting jail credit for alcohol treatment on all multiple DUI charges. Before July 1.2014. one could only obtain

As I was driving home from Memphis this past weekend , I heard quite a few radio spots . The theme of the ads was that " Buzzed Driving Equals Drunk Driving ". The ads are part of a campaign by the Tennessee Governor’s Highway Safety Office (GHSO) . The ads are designed to increase

Olympic swimming  star Michael Phelps checked into a alcohol treatment facility after his second DUI arrest. I mention his problem because some folks in Tennessee think about doing the same thing if they are arrested for a DUI. Tennessee recently enacted some new laws about  certain benefits of getting into a alcohol treatment .

Tennessee enacted

The topic of legalized marijuana has been a area of discussion since Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize marijuana. Some questions have cropped about about driving under the influence of marijuana. in fact , one Pittsburgh Steeler player did not know it was against the law to drive stoned . Z San

The Memphis Commercial Appeal has done some great investigative reporting about a loophole in Tennessee’s DUI law. The only problem is the loophole has been around since 1989 and is not really a loophole under Tennessee’s DUI laws. In reviewing three Shelby County convictions for vehicular homicide , the paper found that in those three

I was reviewing my material for a CLE presentation  for the Tennessee Bar Association tomorrow. The topic I was assigned was the " Nuts and Bolts of DUI Defense ". One of the big mistakes that I witness among  Tennessee DUI  lawyers is identifying the issue. While I was at the Trial Lawyers College , one of the

Citizens suspected of driving under the influence in Tennessee do have some rights during the arrest process. One of those rights is the ability to request an independent sample of your blood. The  purpose of this law is to give the accused the right to test his or her blood to determine if test is accurate. Typically, two blood samples

Kerry Kennedy is on trial in a New York courtroom . The charge is driving under the influence of a generic form of Ambien . Most folks don’t realize they can be charged with driving under the influence of a prescribed  medication. Ms. Kennedy’s defense is that   she was rushing off to the gym