The topic of legalized marijuana has been a area of discussion since Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize marijuana. Some questions have cropped about about driving under the influence of marijuana. in fact , one Pittsburgh Steeler player did not know it was against the law to drive stoned . Z San Diego TV ran a story on this subject recently on five things you need to know about driving under the influence of marijuana. Here are a few of my observations.

The effects of marijuana

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration , marijuana contains THC which produces alterations in motor behavior , perception ,memory and other bodily functions.

Effects of Crash Risk

There is no data on risk of crashes with marijuana use.

How high is too high

it is difficult to establish a relationship between a person’s THC blood or plasma concentration and performance impairing effects according to the National Highway Traffic Administration. Performance impairments are noted within 1-2 hours following marijuana use .

The bottom line is there is not enough research on the effects of marijuana and driving. The source I used from NHSTA is from a 2004 study. It appears a new study will be out soon.

The bottom line is in defending driving under the influence charges in Tennessee there must be some evidence of delta-9-THC in the blood test. delta-9 is  the chemical responsible for most of the psychoactive effects of marijuana. More to come.