Effective July 1, 2012 , the legal standard for expunging a criminal conviction changed in Tennessee. Before July 1 ,  a person could only expunge their record under the following types of dispositions;

  1. The case was dismissed.
  2. You were found not guilty.
  3. The case was retired.
  4. The case was Nolle prosequi.
  5. You were granted either pretrial diversion or judicial diversion.

Now , certain low level felonies and certain types of misdemeanors can be expunged. You can click this link to an article that lists the felonies and misdemeanors that may be eligible . Also , the article lists the eligibility requirements.

The new process is complex. So, I am giving a free seminar every Tuesday for the month of July at my office here in Nashville, Tennessee to explain the process . Space is limited. Email info@robmckinneylaw.com to reserve your space.