A friend of mine forwarded the DUI sobriety checkpoints for Williamson County for this holiday season. Don’t worry. The police are supposed to publish the checkpoint locations and times. Here is the schedule ;

Sobriety Roadside Safety Checkpoints
      The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office along with other jurisdictions will be conducting sobriety roadside

Effective July 1, 2012 , the legal standard for expunging a criminal conviction changed in Tennessee. Before July 1 ,  a person could only expunge their record under the following types of dispositions;

  1. The case was dismissed.
  2. You were found not guilty.
  3. The case was retired.
  4. The case was Nolle prosequi.
  5. You were granted either


In the last few months, I have been creating videos on different legal issuses ranging from drunk driving defense to truck accident cases.  I complied a few clips of different aspects on the ins and outs of  defending a Tennessee DUI case.  I am providing these DUI DVD’s free as long as the supply

In yesterday’s post, I posted Tennessee’s law on stalking.  That provides a backdrop for today’s blog post.  Cyber stalking is accomplished by text messaging or other means of electronic communication.  I spoke with an Assistant District Attorney here in Nashville,TN who handles domestic violence cases, and he reported that he recently prosecuted a case in which cyber stalking was done via


In this post , i continue to discuss the Metro Nashville Police Department’s DUI testing report. The first field sobriety test given is usually the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. Laboratory research by the Southern California Research Institute indicates the HGN test is 77 % accurate according to the 2006 NHTSA manual in determining

Most counties outside of Nashville Davidson County use blood tests to determine blood alcohol concentration.Most police departments in Willamson County such as Franklin Police Department and Brentwood Police Department always request a DUI suspect to submit to a blood alcohol test.Also Sumner County law enforcement agencies like Hendersonville Police Department and Gallatin Police Department use