Effective July 1, 2012 , the legal standard for expunging a criminal conviction changed in Tennessee. Before July 1 ,  a person could only expunge their record under the following types of dispositions;

  1. The case was dismissed.
  2. You were found not guilty.
  3. The case was retired.
  4. The case was Nolle prosequi.
  5. You were granted either

Yes, Tre I do check the comments . Tre posted a question on what is the amount of time that passes before an expungement order is processed . In Nashville , Tn. , an expungement order will take somewhere between 30-60 days to be processed . Tre’s question is how long does it take for the Tennessee Bureau

One of the primary questions I get in my practice is, "can I get my criminal charges expunged?" And once you plead guilty to a criminal offense, you cannot get your criminal record expunged at a later date. This is why it’s important to avoid a conviction in the first place. 

However, under certain