Last month, we had a big trial scheduled. We spend a lot of time preparing for trial and the possibility of our client testifying. Luckily, the government dismissed the case on the morning that the jury trial was to start. As I was going through my notebook today, I ran across a list of courtroom tips.

Memories of Judge Tom Shriver came back to me over the past several days. Judge Shriver was the long time District Attorney General for Davidson County, Tennessee. Later , Judge Shriver became a criminal court judge in Davidson County. I have been working on a case and thought about some advice he gave me years

I have never figured out who reads this blog. I think mostly criminal defense lawyers and a few prosecutors. In that vein, I am starting a new feature that will be posted on Mondays. It will be the criminal law tip of the week. I just hope I have a tip each week.

My first