Nashville’s Mayor Megan Barry proposed her budget recently. Contained in the budget is three million dollars for improvements to the A.A. Birch Building which houses the Davidson County General Sessions Courts as well as the Criminal Courts of Davidson County, Tennessee. It was reported in The Tennessean that the three million dollars was earmarked to provide

Memories of Judge Tom Shriver came back to me over the past several days. Judge Shriver was the long time District Attorney General for Davidson County, Tennessee. Later , Judge Shriver became a criminal court judge in Davidson County. I have been working on a case and thought about some advice he gave me years

From the Jury Room , the question is whether a older juror is more likely to vote for a conviction in a criminal case ? Unfortunately the answer is yes. A study was conducted in Florida in which 700 felony trials were analyzed . From the data , it appears that the elderly are more


What does this guy’s brain have anything to do with the criminal trial tip of the day. Everything is the answer. More specifically it is Mens Rea . Don’t overlook the mens rea in every case. i almost did .

In preparing for a criminal trial , one gets caught up in witnesses