A Gallatin , Tennessee band teacher was charged with statutory rape by an authority figure .  From news reports , a female teacher had sexual relations over 20 times with a student . The case is set for hearing in the General Sessions Court of Sumner County , Tennessee in December. There are two points about

I have not posted for a while due to attending a fantastic class sponsored by the American Chemical Society . Recently , I joined select  DUI lawyers from across the country in learning about forensic chromatography .Gas chromatography is the science behind blood alcohol testing. The class was 40 hours and included both theory

The standardized field sobriety tests established by The National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration contains three tests. On this video , I am discussing the walk and turn test. Almost all police officers in Nashville,Tn. , Franklin , Tn. and all Tennessee Counties utilize this test in DUI investigations.

The police are looking for

In yesterday’s post, I posted Tennessee’s law on stalking.  That provides a backdrop for today’s blog post.  Cyber stalking is accomplished by text messaging or other means of electronic communication.  I spoke with an Assistant District Attorney here in Nashville,TN who handles domestic violence cases, and he reported that he recently prosecuted a case in which cyber stalking was done via


I thought a little DUI video might be in order . I have been out of town and had a trial last week in Ashland City , Tn. So, I thought to get back in the swing a little humor might be appropriate. Thanks to Jamison Koehler a Northern Virginia DUI lawyer for the tip.


In this post , i continue to discuss the Metro Nashville Police Department’s DUI testing report. The first field sobriety test given is usually the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. Laboratory research by the Southern California Research Institute indicates the HGN test is 77 % accurate according to the 2006 NHTSA manual in determining

Most counties outside of Nashville Davidson County use blood tests to determine blood alcohol concentration.Most police departments in Willamson County such as Franklin Police Department and Brentwood Police Department always request a DUI suspect to submit to a blood alcohol test.Also Sumner County law enforcement agencies like Hendersonville Police Department and Gallatin Police Department use

Nashville ,Tn. television station WSMV is running gavel to gavel coverage of the trial of Ron Killings this week. Killings is on trial for the homicide of a young girl.It is alleged that Killings was driving his car at twice the legal speed when he struck and killed the young girl.  Killings was on duty as a law enforcement officer in Rutherford County.The District Attorney’s theory was that it was a reckless homicide.A jury was brought in from Chattanooga,Tn to decide the case.Mr. Killings attorney moved for a change of venue due to pretrial publicity.

Rule 21 of The Tennessee Rules of Criminal Procedure provides for a change of venue under certain conditions.The court may change venue of a criminal case on the defendant’s motion or on it’s own initiative with the defendant’s consent.The court should order a venue change when a fair trial is unlikely because of undue excitement against the defendant in the county where the offense was committed or for  other cause.

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My wife is  from Sparta ,Tn.Several years ago , her father purchased her a subscription to the local paper, The Expositor ,to keep up with local news. I often read the paper because I enjoy reading about small town life and the fabric it adds to being a Tennessean.However , I was shocked at a new feature the paper has added.

The Expositor has chosen to publish " Arrested in White County ".The Sparta, Tn.Newspaper publishes the names, photographs , and criminal charges of all those folks that have been arrested in White County. from January 1st to January 25th.  The Sparta paper does include a disclaimer that all those in this piece of journalism is innocent until they are convicted.However, once their picture is in print the damage is done.From reading the eight page report , the most popular crimes are promotion of methamphetamine  manufacture and domestic assaults. 

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